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Any questions, comments or suggestions about the Annual? What would make your next one special?


5 Responses to Write us

  1. Jane Steele says:

    Please would you send a link to me (Jane Steele) to post onto my River House Rug Hooking page to advise everyone here on the south shore of Nova Scotia? Thanks!


  2. Jane Steele says:

    I didn’t notice at first, but the photo on your site for the vendor blog happens to be me and Judy Baker!!! Ha ha – we certainly did enjoy shopping!


  3. Wanda Wallace says:

    What’s so good about an Annual

    Next spring 2018 I am so very excited to join about 300 or more OHCG members in Ottawa for the annual conference.

    I have been attending the annual conferences for a few years now. They have been hosted by Stratford, London, North Bay, Deerhurst, Kingston, Cobourg to name a few. Each annual is always exciting particularly my first one whereby I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The vendors, workshops, displays and gala have always been exceptional. Inspiration abounds as well as making connections with new and renewed friendships.

    My experience co-chairing northern Ontario’s first annual in North Bay proved to be very successful and very well attended. I learned from that experience that the road does go both ways here in the north and to never doubt the attendance of rug hookers from across the province. For those of us in the north we are always wanting to stay connected as well as our need for supplies and educational experiences. The annuals are the place to go.

    In 2016 I had the good fortune of co-chairing the 50th Anniversary of OHCG in Deerhurst in Huntsville with Diane Algera along with an exceptional team of OHCG Executive members.
    Should anyone reading this wish to participate in the planning of an annual or attend, jump at the chance. You will have made friends and connections you never thought possible.

    In the meantime see you in Ottawa 2018.

    Wanda Wallace,
    North Bay, OM


  4. Olde Forge Rug Hooking Branch says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. We’ll definitely keep it in mind as we develop the take down plan. Please encourage others to let us know what they’d like to see at the 2018 Annual; what could make it a better experience – and see you next May!


  5. M. Sorensen says:

    — Hope you have a better take down plan than was implemented in Cobourg! It was too chaotic and in the end security was not checked at the doors at all. Certainly are better ways to do it to have good security but make it smooth and efficient. Lots of discussion post Cobourg about that unfortunate aspect of last weekend.


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