These are the educational choices being offered at the Annual. Note the important information as you make your plans.

  • Most workshops have limited participation (12-15). Each registrant can select a maximum of two of these sessions, to enable a larger number of attendees to benefit from the program. Presentations that can accommodate 50-100 participants can be selected in addition, for a total of 3-4 education sessions.
  • Registrations will be processed after the OHCG newsletter has been received, and people have had time to complete and return forms. Processing of registrations is ongoing from Jan. 5, 2018.
  • All fees have HST added for 2018. To make it easier to calculate HST, a fillable form is now available on the OHCG website. Using your computer or tablet, you input workshops and other items you wish to include, subtotals are created and the HST is calculated and a final total provided. Online payment is not possible, but you can complete the online form and have the calculations done for you. Then print this form and mail it in with your payment.
  • Workshop supply fees are payable to the instructor, in class.
  • If you have any questions, click on the tab ‘Write us’ to connect. We promise to respond promptly!

Field Trip: Canadian Museum of History (Max: 15)

Friday  12:30 – 2:30+ pm Cost: $50 (covers bus rental)
Participants will see some of the special rugs in the museum’s collection, and have a guided talk. The bus leaves the hotel at 12:30 pm, arriving in Gatineau at 1. The presentation ends at 2:30; participants are then welcome to explore the museum free of charge. We leave at 4 pm to return to the hotel.

Fish Bones (Max: 15)

Teacher: Loretta Moore

Saturday  10 am – 1 pm Cost: $50 + supplies ($50 includes bones, pattern, instructions)
Create funky folk art! The head and tail can be hooked with leftover worms and scraps, adding alternative fibres to give your fish even more folk-artsy appeal. Once hooking is completed, a little sewing and stuffing will finish the piece. ✤Loretta has been teaching rug hooking for 21 years. Her passion for all things fibre developed throughout her life. Today, primitive hooking is her favourite.

Finishing (Max: 15)

Teacher: Ruth Emerson

Saturday  10 am – Noon OR
Sunday  9 – 11 am
Cost: $35
With hands-on examples and a slide presentation, students learn how to finish their projects and make them into wall hangings. The session covers the use of standard frames, irregular shapes, finishing a piece to hang with rods, a backing to imitate a poster-type hanging and the proper materials needed. ✤Ruth has been teaching since 1985 and became a certified OHCG teacher in 1994. She has also been a supplier for 31 years.

Caring For Your Cutter (Max: 50)

Teacher: Al Robertson

10 – 11 am   OR
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: $15
Al – the Cutter Guy – discusses and illustrates the components of Bliss, Fraser and Rigby cutting machines, demonstrating adjustments that can be made. He explains the purpose of the adjustments, typical malfunctions and remedies for them. Students are encouraged to bring their cutters, to follow along. ✤Al’s background is in engineering, automotive and mechanical systems. He has been repairing Bliss, Fraser and Rigby cutters for more than five years.

Cheticamp Rugs (Max: 100)

Presenter: Dr. Laura Sanchini

Saturday  10 am – Noon Cost: $10
Laura earned her PhD in Folklore/Ethnology with a thesis on contemporary Cheticamp rugs. Through Proud to be Hookers: The hidden history of the most gifted artists you’ve never heard of, she will present on Cheticamp rug-making, and more generally on the hooked rug collection at the Canadian Museum of History. ✤Laura is the curator of craft, design and popular culture at the Canadian Museum of History.
Tulips: Hooking With Yarn (Max: 10) —– Teacher: Karen Miller
Saturday  1:30 – 4:30 pm
Cost: $50 + supplies
($20 for pattern on linen, wool to complete, notes)
Funky Fish (Max: 15) —– Teacher: Jane Steele
Saturday  1:30 – 4:30 pm
Cost: $50 + supplies
($50 for kit, depending on size, plus patterns and hooking materials — $5 and up)

Geometric Sailboats (Max: 15)

Teacher: Donna Grudnik

Saturday  1:30 – 4:30 pm Cost: $50 + supplies ($50 for kit, includes pattern on linen, wool to complete, notes)
Geometrics, anyone? We discuss how to do points, square corners, directional hooking, which size of cut(s) to use, finishing techniques and more. A full set of notes is included, and afterwards you’ll be able to confidently complete your rug. ✤A fibre artist specializing in traditional rug hooking and dyeing wool, Donna has a home studio in northern Ontario. She has shown her work in numerous fairs, travelling exhibitions and publications, and has completed the fibre arts program at St. Lawrence College. Donna is a certified OHCG and accredited McGown teacher who has taught a variety of rug hooking levels, skills and styles

Wearable Art:
Make A Poncho
(Max: 15)

Teacher: Tatiana Knodel

10 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $75 + supplies (poncho + design on verel backing, $40; on wide-weave, high-quality wool backing, $55; sewn backing only, $25 for verel, $40 for wool; wool available for purchase in class for those interested; instructor will contact registrants to confirm choices)
Learn how to hook a design on a poncho, made from verel or other wide-weave wool backing. Choose from five festive, colourful patterns that Tatiana will put on the backing of your choice — or you can draw your own. ✤Tatiana is an OHCG certified teacher who has been hooking since 2008. She has hooked over 100 rugs; her work has been featured in Celebrations magazine.
Introduction to Punch Needle (Max: 12) — Teacher: Simone Vojvodin
Saturday  1:30 – 4:30 pm
Cost: $50 + supplies
($20 for kit; students may borrow the tools needed during class; purchase optional)

Hooking In Order (Max: 15)

Teacher: Karen Kaiser

Sunday  9 – 11 am Cost: $35 + supplies
($30 for kit)
This class demonstrates how to hook “in order” for stained glass and painterly backgrounds. Finishing techniques and hints about putting a pattern on backing are also discussed. ✤Karen grew up in Kingston, ON, excelling in drawing and painting. After teaching for five years, she attended Fanshawe College (London, ON) to study graphic design. She worked in that field for 11 years, until rug hooking took over her life. Karen headed the OHCG Fall School for three years, and became a certified OHCG teacher in 2016.

Felt A Lambchop (Max: 12)

Teacher: Wendo van Essen

Sunday  1 – 4 pm Cost: $50 + supplies
($25 kit + mounting plaque)
In this session, you create a sheep’s head ‘trophy’ using the needle felting technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced felter, you’ll enjoy this fun, relaxing art form. Lambchop will be completed within the workshop. ✤Wendo has travelled and learned in her career over the past 25 years. As an animator, she became acutely aware of the tactile nature of textiles. In 2002 she decided to focus more on fibre art and less on animation, though she returns to animation when something wonderful comes along — like Universal’s feature movie ‘Curious George’ and Disney’s ‘The Princess & The Frog’.

Add Braiding To Your Hooked Rug (Max: 15)

Teacher: Kris McDermet

Sunday  9 am – 4 pm Cost: $75 + supplies
($55 US; students supply own wool)
Discover the beauty of combining rug hooking and rug braiding. With these two techniques you’ll be able to add braid to any round, oval or square piece. In one day you complete the braid and butting on a 6” round mat, and one or two corners on a square mat, using your own wool. ✤Kris began braiding and hooking in the 1970s, and has taught in the United States, Australia, Canada and England. She is co-author of the book Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding: Basics, Borders and Beyond (2011), and authored chapters in Finishing Hooked Rugs (2013) and articles in Rug Hooking magazine.
Fast And Furious   (Max: 15) —– Teacher: Jane Steele
Sunday 9 am – 4 pm
Cost: $75 + supplies
($140, large 36″ x 14″; $95, small 20″ x 9″ pattern on linen + hooking materials)

Lobster Fishing: Maud Lewis
(Max: 15)

Teacher: Doug Rankin

2-day class:
Saturday  10 am – 4:30 pm
Sunday  9 am – 4 pm
Cost: $150 + supplies
($80 for pattern + water, boat wools; $127 for pattern + all wools; $50 for smaller, simpler design + all wools)
This class adapts a painting by renowned Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis. The work gained fame when a version of it was found in a thrift shop, then sold for $10,000 more than any previous Lewis painting. Choose your version from two patterns available — one from her original painting, the other a simplified version. ✤Doug has been an accredited teacher with the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia for 11 years, and a McGown accredited teacher since 2002. He has exhibited in the United States and Canada, and at ATHA exhibitions.

Hook A Healing Mat
(Max: 15)

Teacher: Meryl Cook

2-day class:
Saturday  1:30 – 5:30 pm
Sunday  9 am – 1 pm
Cost: $125 + supplies
$85 (kit, including pattern on linen, journal with class notes + enough wool to get well started)
This workshop is about learning to write and hook yourself a love letter in both rug hooking and journalling. You’ll learn practical tips for discovering what makes your heart sing, and move through difficult situations as you play with colours and textures to create a 16” x 16” mat.  ✤A Nova Scotia rug hooker who explores the use of contemporary rug hooking as a healing art, Meryl has been teaching writing and rug hooking since 2016.